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Compelling scientific visuals provide a powerful direct conduit to your audience by highlighting your key concepts and how they relate to each other. Whether your audience is composed of experts, scientific peers, investors, students, or the general public, a clear and elegant illustration is your best ally in communicating your knowledge and expertise.

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Featured Project

Insects Book-Cover Insects of the Los Angeles Basin

Recently released, the 3rd edition of Insects of the Los Angeles Basin by Charles L. Hogue, revised by his son James N.Hogue is a comprehensive guidebook to the Insects of the Los Angeles Region. Published by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles county, it is for nature enthusiasts, gardeners, teachers, students, campers, and anyone curious to learn more about the diversity of insects in the region.

The new edition contains updated names and classifications and over 500 images including over 80 detailed illustrations by Inna-Marie Strazhnik Illustration, drawn in a digital pen and ink method.

The following is a selection of images from the series, click to enlarge:

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